DSI 2 (8-input) Individual Connectors Only - 110 VAC
DSI 2 (8-input) Individual Connectors Only - 110 VAC
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DSI 2 (8-input) Individual Connectors Only - 110 VAC

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The DiPro Sensor Interface (DSI 2) enables connection from most electromechanical and discrete-output electronic sensors to your die protection control.

The DSI 2 sensor interface model (9677901) features 8 sensor inputs, with individual Lumberg SV-40 connectors for each sensor on the front panel, and is compatible with all versions of the Wintriss SmartPAC, the Wintriss DiPro 1500, or any other controller that accept discrete sensor inputs.

  • Built-in 24 VDC, 12 Watt power supply to power your sensors.
  • Pulse stretching on inputs 1-4 to stretch very fast signals (usually from part ejection sensors) to a fixed duration of 10 mSec.
  • Can accept input from any 24VDC 3-or-4-wire NPN or PNP sensor
  • Compatible with electromechanical (normally-open and normally-closed-to-ground) probes, switches, and sensors
  • Can be used with 2-wire DC and Push/Pull output sensors if additional components are added

The DSI 2 sensor interface is a flexible sensor connection solution.   Other versions of this sensor interface are available without front-panel connectors for wiring individual sensors, and with a variety of larger connectors (including a heavy duty 19-pin M23 connector) for use with die-mounted junction boxes that allow you to connect up to eight sensors to the DSI with a single cable.

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Please Note:
This version of the DSI 2 sensor interface uses only the standard front panel connectors and is is NOT compatible with the HD19 or QDP Kits, or the 4-port or 8-port die-mounted junction boxes.  Order this version instead.  




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