End of Material Sensor (Electro-mechanical)
End of Material Sensor (Electro-mechanical)
End of Material Sensor (Electro-mechanical)
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End of Material Sensor (Electro-mechanical)

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The End of Material sensor is designed for metal stamping applications.  It detects material run out, and prevents pulling of the coil end through the feeder or straightener.  It also keeps the press from running without coil stock.

The sensor is typically installed so that the arm rides on the material.  When the material runs out, the arm drops onto the insulated pin below it, generating a ground signal that is detected by the die protection controller.

When used with Wintriss die protection controllers, the sensor is programmed as a "Yellow" (static, normally-open) sensor type.

The End of Material sensor's rugged, all-metal construction is designed to withstand years of continuous use in a metal stamping environment.

It includes a 16 foot, 16 AWG yellow cable.

The End of Material sensor is compatible with the Wintriss DSI 2 die protection sensor interface and can be used in conjunction with the Wintriss SmartPAC PRO DiProPAC Die Protection Module and DiPro 1500 controllers. 

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