Material Buckle Sensor (Electro-Mechanical)
Material Buckle Sensor (Electro-Mechanical)
Material Buckle Sensor (Electro-Mechanical)
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Material Buckle Sensor (Electro-Mechanical)

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The Material Buckle Sensor serves a single purpose:  To detect buckling of the strip that occurs when material “hangs up” in the die during the feed cycle.  The Material Buckle Sensor is installed between the feeder and the die, often on a magnetic base.

The sensor has a fixed post and a post on a hinged arm.  When properly installed, the edge of the strip will feed in between the two posts.  The sensor actuates when a material buckle causes the strip to buckle up or down and contact one of the two posts.

Since the strip is grounded and the sensor is insulated, contact from the strip causes the sensor to output a ground signal to the controller or sensor interface. 

If additional reach is required, replacement spring probe tips can be added (they are shown in the second picture and must be purchased separately). 

A 16 foot, 16 AWG yellow cable is included.

The Material Buckle Sensor is compatible with the Wintriss DSI 2 DiPro Sensor Interface and can be used in conjunction with the Wintriss SmartPAC PRO DiProPAC Die Protection Module and DiPro 1500 controllers.  When the material buckle sensor is connected to a Wintriss control, the sensor type should be set to “Yellow”.

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