Standard Spring Probe (Electro-mechanical)
Standard Spring Probe (Electro-mechanical)
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Standard Spring Probe (Electro-mechanical)

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The Standard Spring Probe is one of the oldest and most versatile sensors used for die protection.  Its operation is simple:  The spring is connected to a terminal that is wired to a die protection input.  The whole assembly is contained in an insulated plastic block.  When a piece part, the coil stock, or tooling contacts the spring, it provides an electrical path to earth ground, which is detected by the die protection control.

The Standard Spring Probe has been used to detect all manner of die malfunctions including end of material, material buckle, improper stripper position, failed transfer, shortfeed, overfeed, and part non-ejection.

Included with this spring probe sensor is a 16 foot, 16 AWG green cable.

Straight (part number DA39526) and 90° (part number CM40684J0) replacement tips are available separately.

Lubricants can cause unwanted effects when using direct contact electromechanical such as a spring probe.  This article from our Die Protection Knowledge base explains how to avoid potential problems.

The Standard Spring Probe is compatible with the Wintriss DSI 2 DiPro Sensor Interface and can be used in conjunction with the Wintriss SmartPAC PRO DiProPAC Die Protection Module and DiPro 1500 controllers. 

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